About me

               I’m Veena Dhuri, a marketing post graduate from Mumbai, a bag lover & exploiter & brand freak who isn’t sorry for spending her first ever salary at The Body Shop. Been in a long term love & hate relationship with makeup, little more than basic & little less beautiful than my mom.

                 Regular brewer & baker yet a healthy eater, too stubborn to be brainwashed, prayers are always heard I believe, long talks with my favourite people is what I gravitate towards. Best time is the time spent with pets & the time spent sipping coffee. I nap like a cat & sleep like an owl, insomniac when loaded with ideas, love crushing over colours, obsessed with pugs & Sofia Vergara. I’m an ambivert with the superpower of escaping through crowds.

                  Tiny like a cupcake crazy like frosting, there’s ample space for your humour, ideas & even better if you get me food & I’ll tell you what lipsticks I mix to make my favourite shade because it’s not like KFC’s top secret recipe people I’m all about passing on the love. <3