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People believe in ‘sweater weather’ or ‘hot chocolate weather’ but we ladies also believe in lotion weather, isn’t it? Mumbai winter is still very bearable but if I’m travelling, I can declare myself a crusty crocodile! I was in Pune for the weekend & realised how real the winter is, still something about this weather made me love it. Cold winter calls for lots of hot chocolate, cheese toasts & yes The Body Shop body butters. The Body Shop has so many options in their body butters that you end up making a collection. My collection has everything from floral to natural nut oils & fruity to cocktail mix.

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Dry feet are a thing so I often lather a thick body butter on my feet & lock it with socks before going to bed because it’s a trick that works. An oil based or a thick textured body butter is amazing to use for this. Argan oil, Moringa & Blueberry body butters are my picks for night time.

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Just plain Vitamin E works it’s charm & you can always go for simple effective things if you’re conflicted to choose between so many variants.

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During the day I usually go for something light & fresh, Pinita Colada or just plain Vitamin E body butter are my favourites.

It’s amazing how each scent has it’s own charm. The fresh & flowery feeling of Moringa body butter reminds me of my grandma, Blueberry body butter smells like blueberry farms & blueberry cheesecake, Pinita Colada reminds me of the best mocktail I had on the best holiday with my cousins. Happiest memories are made through the most pleasing scents after all. Let me know if you have any memories with these scents as well & share your body butters collection too 🙂


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  1. True that !! The weather in Ahmedabad is as similar as Pune ! And yes body butter I believe works wonder however will give a try for body shop’s one as well !!

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