Oriflame Eco Beauty

Someone has said “Be comfortable in your own skin”, but I can’t if my moisturizer smells like chemicals. I love everything that smells heavenly. I’m a lover of organic foods, natural essential oils & fresh flowers, nothing has more mood uplifting powers than these.

Oriflame Eco Beauty is another addition in my heavenly aromas, I didn’t know that simple cottonseed too is gifted with a lovely aroma. I think everything  that’s grown out in the nature is magical, more magical than that invented in the beauty labs for sure.





My recent regime has been either the eco beauty serum & eye cream or I’ll go with the eye cream & moisturizer. For some reason, I don’t believe in layering moisturiser over serum, feel it’s overdoing plus the morning rush doesn’t allow me to be honest. As I’m moving towards my late 20’s, I see many people suggesting to start using anti ageing products but I think age is like fine wine, let it happen let it mature. Being in the marketing field I have seen many campaigns that I wouldn’t support & this anti ageing thing might be one of those. Continue taking care of your skin & that’s enough. Say Hakuna Matata!


Eye cream is something I might start using because I do see some dullness, my eyes are sensitive & watery in winters & extremely dry in summers. Using this eye cream has helped with dryness & dullness.



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This range has a variety of organic goodness from Lingonberry, Sea buckthorn oil, Aloe vera, Chamomile water & Evening primrose oil, so everything used by the angels of heaven.

That’s it ladies, let me know your thoughts on this ‘anti ageing in your 20’s’ bandwagon & also your favourite organic aromas.

Take care!





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