Pre diwali muse inspiration

I love diwali issue of fashion magazines & I miss diwali muse edits from the 90’s. They always tried to balance the outfits with neutral mixups. Brown lips was the trend back then. I’m thankful for growing up in that time when women were not retouched & more than the makeup, it was about natural grace, beautiful eyes & true smiles.

Later as time passed, beautiful smiles were covered in vibrant lipsticks & faces in thick layers of foundation. Accessories looked like too much of gold & lehengas just too heavy to afford. The glow of haldi & ubtan almost disappeared. Today’s post is for those who miss their childhood simplicity & the smell & feel of jasmine incense while getting ready for diwali.

Since pre diwali is a thing nowadays, this can be an inspiration for it. You can be less vibrant yet put together, keep the main show for diwali.






Everyone loves multicoloured outfits in delicate prints. That’s what I went with for a pre diwali party this year.

This long dress I got from Shoppers stop from their own collection, isn’t it graceful & simple? Reminds me of the simple old muse edits of high end fashion labels, inspiration is what you recreate at the end.




Best thing about this print is that it looks subtle & little dusky in daylight & has golden brown & royal blue hues in the dark.













Accessories are very minimal & still the colours are rusty yet flashy so suitable for diwali.



That was my version of 90’s minimalist diwali with a modern muse twist. Let me know your diwali plans & yes outfits first. Take care & have a happy & prosperous diwali.


Everything featured in this post is from Shoppers Stop. So go ahead you might find your inspiration for this year.


Location courtesy- Candies restaurant, Bandra

Photos by Prachi Chhatre.










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