Elizabeth Arden Superstart launch

Hey Bagnizers,

I never had a high end facial treatment done until I got a call from Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Arden is a brand that believes in maintaining a strong bond with their users. This time they called me for a new launch & a vitamin enriched facial treatment along with an exclusive oxyblast treatment from their New York spa. Oxyblast treatment is available at their New York Centre while all other products used are now available at Elizabeth Arden stores.

We all are so caught up in our routines & hardly think about getting any high end pampering that actually lasts. For me, my skincare routine is just face wash & moisturiser & yet I was wondering why my skin was getting dull. After meeting the treatment specialists at Elizabeth Arden I realized that skincare is more than a routine, it’s a commitment. A commitment where you express your concern whenever your skin asks for it. I know that’s not possible in this fast life, so how about combining commitment & concern? Just combine this high end facial with your everyday routine & take it to another level. That’s what this treatment is about.

The facial treatment was our regular cleansing, peeling, ceramide repair capsules, a moisturiser & then the exclusive oxyblast. First they cleansed my skin with a tan removing face cleanser & then their magic quotient which is a grape peel off mask, let me tell you that I did see a good difference after that mask.



After the mask they used ceramide capsule & a suitable moisturiser for my skin type. Then oxygen blast which infuses vitamins & minerals into the skin. Oxyblast was a magic, if you go to their New York spa, this will be worth trying.



Finally, after that special pamper session the new launch was revealed. They have launched their Superstart Skin Renew Booster. This is a treatment targeted to all ages & all skin types. It’s a boost of antioxidants & probiotics to strengthen your skin & take care of it while you live your city life.



So ladies, feel free to visit Elizabeth Arden stores & take advice from their specialists, I’m sure they will tell you more than you know about your skin, take what suites you & leave the worries behind. Take care.


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