Millennial Pink Edit

Life doesn’t come in pink but your dresses do & for those who don’t expect a pink life, millennial pink is the grey of all pinks. I have always liked the pastel shades of pink more than the vibrant ones & hence I’m writing this post for my love for pastels, pastel pink precisely.




The millennial pink trend has attracted many interests internationally, it’s very often seen in fashion shows, magazines & blogs. However in India it’s started attracting people now as few fashion labels are tapping this opportunity. One such label which I would say is getting known for their variety of patterns & pieces especially designed to do justice to this lovely trend is Stalk Buy Love & the millennial pink dress featured in this post is by them.


It’s a soothing color to wear on a relaxed day. I went to Tea Villa Cafe yesterday, thought what better occasion than a good brunch & relaxing lavender tea time for this dress. The dress gives me some vintage vibes & so does lavender tea. So there I’m very looking relaxed & happy in the picture.


I would go with this color for any day event especially out in good sunlight & to complement it, white & a slightly darker shade of pink would always do justice.
So that’s it guys, I think too much description might ruin the soothing effect of this color so I’ll keep it to minimum. I’ll see you again soon.


Featured brands:
Dress by Stalk Buy Love            
Shoes by Koovs Fashion
Wristwatch by Chumbak



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