Warm & cool contrast edit


Hey Bagnizers,
Do you also believe that warm & cool tones together is a fashion disaster? I heard someone saying so the other day at an event & I had to challenge this person because I set my own fashion limits which definitely aren’t about colours. Plus let the colours flow & create their own magic just like people, you let them live free & be the best version of them that would be delightfully surprising, isn’t it? Colours are’t meant to stay quiet in pastels all the time, they deserve being little loud which our ethnic sense totally allows. You can be muted & sophisticated or vibrantly expressive yet calm. You can in some way either mould your personality for the colours you choose or mould the colours you wear in you favour.
My fashion sense has gone from sleeveless to cold shoulder patterns if you know what I mean, I would go for cold-shoulder over off-shoulder, midi skirts over short dresses, a cool denim jacket over tank top, so basically it’s less experimentative & safe. My fashion sense being so near to basic, I can’t restrict myself with more things like the colours & minute patterns so I like believing in the magic of femininity that can choose right colours for so many different women.
Okay so before you notice the fitting of this skirt, yes it’s 2 inches loose for me, good fittings can enhance your curves & loose fittings especially around the waist line can make you look broad. I’ll definitely get this skirt altered but for now we can appreciate the color & pattern. It’s very basic but dark greens & blues make things look rich in my opinion, what say?






The accessories in this post are from Lifestyle, I always find good pieces every season in their accessory section. I went for red because I think it’s a royal trend of mixing red with green & if done right it never goes wrong. Adding grey to the red & green combination is to balance the colours & not mixing them directly, it also takes the combo more towards contrast making sure the colours don’t clash.


I went with green liner & basic light lips. I like keeping the makeup light plus for the posts I believe in letting the imperfections be seen by you guys, I like it that way, no hiding or retouching things, my choices, my scars & most importantly my spots because I’m not always the best version of me & many of us aren’t.
About my hair, They’re naturally wavy, not even combed just wandering around messing up with each other & living their best life.
Overall, I tried to keep this look maximised by colours yet minimised in style so the colours speak for themselves.
Because you know me, I only use this pair of pencil heels for my posts & what’s best than this opportunity for this post, tell me what you think.
That’s it for this one, I’ll see you guys with more next time, until then live your best life.
Featured brands: Outfit by Ajio
                                  Accessories by Lifestyle stores
                                  Red heels by Koovs
                                  Maybelline Lasting Drama waterproof gel pencil in Glossy            

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