Weekdays for multitasking & Weekends for #MultiMasking

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. So how was last week? Mine was damn crazy hectic, full of multitasking & I could see it on my face. Plus do you guys notice how drugstore brands are launching their international products in India all so quick one after another? As a marketing & brand freak I’m definitely liking it plus the quest never ends to research more about international markets now that the difference between us & them is getting lesser for many global brands. These face masks have been there internationally since quite long & finally Loreal launches these in India so we all appreciate, right? Are you also guilty for following various brand’s international instagrams like me? This is where we say “yes I do” without thinking lolz.
Let’s talk about these newly launched goodies now. This morning I tried multi-masking as Nykaa suggested me to do with these masks. I have oily T zone & dry cheeks so they recommend multi masking for that. I personally don’t do multimasking, I would rather use one mask on my whole face, easy & quick is what I like, but today I thought why not try it. My whole weekend goes in multitasking so why not #multimasking for weekends, right guys? I must say these both work like a magic, my tan was gone plus skin looked better & fresh, I’m seriously liking these.
They have launched 2 variants from this line,
L’oreal Pure Clay Mask Efoliate & Refine Pores which has kaolin clay & purifying minerals plus tiny apricot seeds for exfoliation.
L’oreal Pure Clay Mask Purify & Mattify, has eucalyptus to purify & freshen up & yes kaolin clay again.
These are priced at Rs. 850 each, slightly on higher end for drugstore category but totally worth it guys if your thinking about getting one.
If asked to rate these, for the red one I’ll give it 9 on 10 & for green mask I would give 8.5.
So that’s it guys, let me know about your multimasking experience if you try it & tag me with #multimasking so I can comment.
See you soon guys, until then happy #multimasking.

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