Subtle traditional funk


How are you guys? I know you must be surprised to see me putting up my posts regularly nowadays, see I’m trying to be organised with my timings.
So few days back I saw an ad on Facebook, it was a new accessory brand with all cool designs, mostly Indian stuff & traditional funk, that’s what our generation is into right? & me being curious for all the funk I had to order few sets. In this look I have used this one cool pair of earrings by Krafted With Happiness, cool isn’t it? I like dogs & cats but given a chance I would love to have an elephant too which is so not possible & that would keep my single status for lifetime lolz. But hey I got elephant earrings atleast so happy!




Talking about this look, it’s subtle traditional funk, little fusion like but still some sophistication in it, what do you guys think? There’s a collar to this vibrant kurta which adds some decently rich sophistication & a waist lace that’s pulling it on a modern side.

I would love to tell you guys that I haven’t retouched any picture & I hardly do but in this post you can see the scar on my arm & my undereye circles but for some reason I like it so I choose not to retouch my flaws, let them be out & proud!

Since we’re talking traditional plus funk, isn’t it undone without a bright liner or lipcolor? I knew it hence added yellow on my lid. I think it would be little difficult to find a yellow liner, I have used Nyx full throttle eyeshadow stick here with a liner brush. Lips are just subtle, a pinky nude shade by Inglot that I got in my freedom palette.













Guys isn’t it attractive how we can have warm plus cool shades, vibrant yellow, orange, cool green & blue plus black all in one look & still pull off the look so fine, this happens only in traditional funk & I freaking love it.















One thing, it’s really important to keep a balance somewhere & not go crazy with the makeup, you can either have a bold lip or bold eyes & not both at a time like a clown. Same with the outfit, either a funky top or bottoms at a time.

The lace up sandals are from Street Style Store, adds some elegant funk & why not, the trend was in the 70’s too, the funk era if you remember.




So that’s it guys, me & my elephant says bye to you guys & we’ll see you again in the next post since I’ll also be doing some more looks with the designs at Krafted With Happiness. see you guys soon, love & trunks 🙂


Featured brands : Earrings by Krafted With Happiness
                                   Kurti (top) by Ajio
                                   Eyeliner is Nyx full throttle
                                   Lace up sandals by StreetStyleStore 


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