Be a host #TeaParty

One good thing about being in the mid twenties is you have very few but long term friends left in life with whom you don’t really have to push yourself to keep up, they’re always there to spend quality time. I literally have just two friends, love them & love irritating them.

So recently I thought of hosting a low maintenance party for my low maintenance friends at my place. Since it’s a low maintenance theme, I went with the basics. Basics like tea, cookies, lots of talks & love obviously. Yeah yeah gossips too 😉



For the menu we just had some green tea as we all are getting little extra chubby these days lolz , but hey we had a variety of cookies too, we had peanut butter eggless cookies, multigrain, fruit & nut cookies. More than the food we had good talks.

To add something decorative to the background, I thought of keeping simple flowers as decorative pieces, my friends obviously have been to my place when it’s a hot mess but if you have any new guests you can always keep fresh flowers or even welcome them with flowers as it gets fresh energy to them. These white daisies I got from Chumbak, they’re artificial but still they look so real & fresh. My friends loved them so purpose accomplished because I don’t like getting real flowers if I can’t take care of them & water them regularly & then they go bad early.


Now for the interesting part that’s the outfit & makeup. I went with a blue dress with elegant detailed print on it so it looks sophisticated enough for a tea party. Girls, if your mom plans such tea parties & asks you to not lounge around in your pajamas in front of her guests then this is the dress you can trust, it just adds elegance in the atmosphere & happiness quotient to your mom 🙂



Adding a pair of fragile rusty gold sandals with a detailed dress can’t go wrong right? You guys tell me, what you think about these Inc.5 sandals?

And since I have added some rusty gold charm, what’s better than a dark raisin lip color to go with it. I think raisin still belongs to the nude lipcolor category but it’s just a little intense one.




For accessories, I had nothing else but just my avon wristwatch that looks like a bracelet, seriously keeping that delicate & sophisticated theme going on.
So guys, that was my tea party look, hope you all liked it. Extremely sorry for the last month I had too many things going on including work & couldn’t post for you guys, but hey here I am now.
See you again soon.
Take care.
 Featured brands:  Baroque dress by
                                  Sandals by Inc.5 
                                  Bracelet wristwatch by Avon
                                  Lip color powder matte 153 Raisin Ravissant from Chambor 
Photo courtesy: My own tea party guest Shraddha Kabadi 🙂 




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