Hey Bagnizers,
Sometimes I just need to take a break, recharge & recoup, sort myself out as much as possible to get back to my usual schedule with some fresh ideas. My regular way of taking breaks is typically reading something spiritual, treating myself with some soulfood, travelling or listening to some good music but this time however I felt like treating my skin too because it felt dry & dull. Korean sheet masks are everywhere nowadays so I thought why not try them so ordered few sheet masks from Nykaa.
So let’s start with my mini face mask haul, something very random but still fascinating for people like us, right?
I have ordered only five masks in total but if I like these I would totally get more hence it’s a mini haul for you guys this time. I ordered three masks by The Face Shop, one by innisfree & one by Anatomicals.
The Face shop has four mask lines, first is Real Nature line which is all about natural ingredients which are often known as the holy grail or power ingredients in the Korean beauty industry. Then they have The Solution range which is for specific skin concerns like hydration, radiance, etc. They also have a line called Bio-Cell designated to more specific conditions on anti ageing like firming, brightening, recovery, etc. The last line is slightly on the higher end, it’s The Mask Lab which has double sheet layer & very rich nutrients.
I usually don’t gravitate towards any so called powerful expensive solutions when it comes to skincare, I’m all about a plain routine & no fixes if possible. I definitely love natural products or a mix of nature & efficiency together hence from The Face Shop, I have ordered three sheet masks, two from the Real Nature line, one with lingzhi which is a type of mushroom that helps with energising & clarifying dull skin & another mask has red ginseng which too is known for energising & vitality. So basically trying to give back some energy to my face, letting lingzhi & ginseng take care of it.
These natural masks are priced at Rs.100 each.


Then from specific solutions, I got a hydrating mask that has hyaluronic acid from The Face Shop & a Vitamin c mask from Innisfree. Hydrating mask because I was In Pune for the weekend & since the weather was dry I thought I needed this. When it’s dry outside you often forget to drink enough water & that dehydrates you inside out hence inside out hydration is what you need. Vitamin C because I still have few acne marks & I was curious to try this one, innisfree is another brand that people are really loving at the moment.
These specific solution  masks are available for Rs.150 per sheet.


I also got one hydrating mask from Anatomicals, it’s a natural brand from UK & I had tried a mask from them in the past which I liked & this one looks fascinating too so why not? Plus this has soybean, coconut, coco, papaya & pineapple. This one costs Rs.175.
I think it’s a good way of buying masks, you get various masks in the same amount of one that comes in a jar. I’m very excited to try these sheets & I’ll let you guys know the reviews as well once I finish these all.
Do checkout their promotional offers at Nykaa, they often revise their offers.
So that’s it guys, don’t forget to take breaks to just hydrate, mask & repeat!!
Have a great week ahead, take care.



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