The body shop tea tree range

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are doing great. I’m back again with another range that kills acne. I know many of you guys might feel I’m going crazy with the acne situation but it takes some experiments to figure out what your acne is like & which ingredients help with that.
Before getting this range I had tried Plum goodness green tea range which is amazing no doubt about it, but not for my skin type & acne type. I have normal to dry skin & the green tea serum from plum goodness was little drying for me though it did show great improvement in tiny skin bumps. I realised that I had active acne that happen due to inflammation, especially when I go through crazy stress & totally forget to take care of my soul or eat foods that cause increased body heat. Okay so enough of talking now I’ll tell you guys about this range that I have been using for more than a month now.
We all know tea tree oil if used directly on acne can dry out the skin & leave dull patches for months & I have had some bad experiences with tea tree oil before so you want to always be careful & picky about the quality of skin oils you use. The body shop is a trusted brand plus after trying so many things over last 2-3 years I thought I’ll give this one a try as I didn’t want any more chemicals but yet needed a strong remedy. I went to the body shop especially to get the mattifying lotion & face wash first & since I liked it very much I went there again & got the 3in1 mask, one more unit of the mattifying lotion & the blemish gel too.
The face wash is actually the best I have ever tried for my acne. It’s in gel consistency with a strong smell of tea tree oil because that’s the core active ingredient & because it has oil I doesn’t dry out my skin, after washing it off I feel decently dewy & amazingly refreshed. This helps in combating any bacteria that can grow & cause skin bumps.
Then if you want to go ahead & add something little fancy rather intense like a face mask in your routine then this one is really nice, gives the same refreshing minty feel but takes your acne killing game to the next level, this is intense & since it’s a wash, scrub & mask it saves time. If you are sensitive to scrubs then they do have a tea tree clay mask as well which should work for you.
A moisturiser & blemish gel are like the basic things, you might not buy the whole range but definitely try out the moisturiser or blemish gel first, right guys? That’s how we think as consumers. I have studied marketing & read somewhere that any face product takes minimum 5 minutes to show an instant action on the skin which brands know too well, you can’t afford wasting those 5 minutes everyday on washing your face but moisturising can happen, just apply your moisturiser & let it work for you & this mattifying lotion is the best thing for me, feels minty & strong & doesn’t make my skin dull at all like other acne treatments. I do layer some other moisturiser over it because that’s what I always do with thin serums or lotions because I always want a thick layer of moisture between my skin & makeup.
The blemish gel too did wonders, I had less expectations from this one since it’s natural but then it’s strong enough to show results in just 2-3 uses on active acne.
To update you guys, I got another tube of this mattifying lotion since it worked so well & I know the stressful patch & fast lifestyle is going to be there for some more time so why not just keep a balance & continue with the good things that work for you. Be progressive with you career not with your health or skin problems.
So that was what I feel about this range, glad I gave it a try & it worked so well. My skin is much much better now & seeing some good improvement, it’s nice to know what solutions work the best for you. Happy!!
You guys let me know what works for you or even if you want to share your acne story, I’m there if you wish to share. I’ll be back with more guys, take care.



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