Dove Regenerative Repair range

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are doing great. Hope you all got gifts from Santa. I love baked treats & holiday toys a lot & kids too, they’re extra excited for christmas.
So my Santa this year was literally this new hair range from Dove advanced hair series called Regenerative Repair. As I have mentioned before, I have long hair now that’s upto my waistline & I got my last haircut done in March 2016, after that I didn’t get anything done for my hair apart from regular oiling, shampooing & conditioning. I don’t go for any hair treatments because regular oiling & conditioning is enough to maintain healthy hair. My hair after months without haircut got damaged & I noticed it when the split ends were visible. Same time Dove advanced series was launched so I decided to try it before getting a haircut done.

Coming to the results, my hair felt little better & nourished after the first use but without a haircut even the shampoo & conditioner can’t really fix much. I have noticed that no haircut can damage hair to the extent that no treatment can fix it mainly because the split ends can’t be repaired you have to get them removed by cutting the ends. Apart from the split ends I think this range did good. I finally got a haircut done last month & since then this range is working really good. I had got highlights done in last August, now the highlights look shiny & nourished again. this shampoo is little drying & conditioner penetrates the hair so it’s a good pair. I wouldn’t recommend this to fix severely damaged hair, but if you use any hot tools not very often & need something to maintain your hair then I think this is a good option. Don’t expect it to heal the extreme damage, instead stop damaging & start healing.

So fellas, that was my experience,yours might be different so try this range & let me know. I’ll be back with more soon. Until then make plans for the new years night & enjoy 🙂
Love from TheBagnizer!!


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