He’s a popular nude


Hey guys,
Nowadays everyone is talking about either weddings or their favourite nude lipsticks. Hence I decided to talk about mine, no not wedding, I mean my favourite nude lippy.
The trend of nude lippies is back & why not, there’s nothing hotter than a good nude lip color with some natural makeup or even smokey eyes. I wanted a decently pigmented matte nude lipstick & heard a lot about MAC velvet teddy so decided to get this one & it suites me perfect.



This has matte finish but yet it’s decently moisturising. I love this one for daily use, it looks great on casual or even formal look. Just one thing, since my lips are already pigmented I need several coats of this so the pigments really show up on my dark lips.

I have also heard about other nude shades from MAC like Yash, Myth, Cosmo & Mehr but I would say nothing attracts me more than Velvet Teddy. Velvet Teddy once settled on my lips looks like a liquid lipstick which is exactly what I wanted. The name Velvet Teddy feels cosy & weirdly perfect for the christmas holiday season for those who prefer wearing light lip colours over dark or brights.

So I finally found my best nude lippy match with MAC Velvet Teddy, let me know which is your nude lippy.
Take care.
Love from TheBagnizer!!



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