Hence I choose organic life

Hey everyone,
Do you ever wonder why our grandpas & grannies are healthier than our parents & us? & why our generation suffers the most with depression & anxiety? It’s exactly opposite of what the picture should be today. Medicine & Healthcare has evolved with time but our immunity, physical & mental both have gone down.
I always seek for health & nutrition related articles online, I try to follow what they suggest but I fail, maybe we’re the generation of fast food & quick detoxes which does nothing great in long term. Today detox is a big word, there are so many pharmacies selling medicines on liver detox, fat loss, thyroid control, acne, etc. But the truth about these medicines is that the chemicals in these can damage your liver in long term & you will go for another detox with more toxins which is even worse.
Depression too starts with your gut when you are magnesium deficient, not to forget how toxic feelings like anger & disappointments can damage the liver & guilt in long term can form cancer clots. we sometimes need to go to our roots & realise how physical & mental health go hand in hand & moderation is the key to keep everything balanced in today’s world. Hence I have started taking little steps, I eat outside food only when I seriously crave it & most of my meals contain home cooked goodness, I check the ingredients list & nutrition label on food items before buying, I try to go on long walks or nature trails to release my thoughts, I pray every morning because faith keeps me moving, I try to find my own answers with meditation & inner peace.
To boost it little more nowadays I have started taking nutrition supplements by Organic India, it’s a natural supplement brand for overall well being, they have many organic foods & supplements for various health areas. I’m currently using their Vitality & Moringa capsules. I would recommend this one brand out of many available today in market because I feel the logic behind their products & so I’m left with no questions. I started with their green tea first & loved it so got these supplements too.
The best thing about these capsules is that you can actually see the powdered herbs inside it. Vitality supplements contain ashwagandha root, rama & vans tulsi, neelkamal seeds & a herb called katuki rhizome. Vitality capsules are good for energy & rejuvenation, it’s a great stamina builder & anti cell damage too. Plus there are other linked benefits like anti stress, anti ageing, immunity boosting & many more that come with improved overall health.
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Moringa capsules contain powdered moringa leaves. Moringa is full of Beta-Carotene, calcium, iron, vitamin C & amino acids. I think that says a lot because health can be either full or none, all health related aspect & issues are inter related, you treat one organ & it eases many other organs. Nutrition is overall, nature is great enough to kill many diseases with a single herb, we just need to trust.
I am grateful to be living in a phase where people are going back to the olden times & that reflects a lot in our choices too, our choices are wise rather easy yet most effective, fuss free today, If we really listen to our grandpas & grannies, one day we won’t have insomnia, depression & anxiety at all I believe.

Organic India sells their products through it’s online store, plus in major supermarkets, it’s also available at Nykaa & the recent thing I have heard is that this brand will be also available soon in FabIndia stores too.

Okay Bagnizers that’s it about this post, I wish you full health & happiness.
Love from TheBagnizer!!


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