Back as I promised with some Soy Milk & Almonds this time!!


As I said, I’m back with another variant of Garnier Ultra Blends range & I’m loving it more than the previous range I had reviewed which was the Lavender & Royal Jelly range.




Before anything else, I must say this range smells heavenly, seriously! It smells like baby talc mixed with almond & soy milk. I used this range for almost 2 months & I actually didn’t want to switch to anything else to be frank but then I was fascinated by how Dove Oxygen Moisture range was marketed so after using this Ultra Blends Soy milk & Almonds range I did go for Dove oxygen boost. Plus one thing, never use a haircare range for more than 6 months because then your hair can feel greasy if you switch to anything else. I have experienced a very unusual case where the crown part of my head was seriously greasy because I used Pantene for too long. If you guys experience anything of such sort, just try a good herbal clarifying shampoo, I washed my hair with Himalaya & the grease & oil was gone.

So now coming back to this Ultra Blends variant, I loved it, my hair got some old natural pampering mixed with the right amount of modern feel I would say. My hair felt soft & straight, no flyaways, no dandruff, minimum hair fall, no chemical smell. This range is like a soothing treat for hair & yet is so simple.
Guys, do try it if you haven’t so far & let me know what you feel. Next I’ll be reviewing Oxygen Moisture range by Dove in haircare category, I’m also super excited about the newest launch from Dove, their Regenerative Repair range. Since my hair is long now & coloured too, I try to take care & shampoo & condition them regularly.
Bagnizers, so next time something new for you guys, got few things on list, until then take care!!



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