Avon Nutraeffects Range

Hey ladies!
This time I’m sharing my  simple fuss free skincare routine with Avon Nutraeffects that helps a lot in keeping my skin healthy. For me. good skin isn’t about the extra radiance or crystal clear complexion, for me it’s about a complexion with minimum problem areas so a woman can feel comfortable in her own skin. Nowadays the definition of beauty is vague which is in fact good because every body type, every skin type gets noticed plus we see ad campaigns made on diversity of beauty. But still few brands continue to play with our insecurities, media sometimes makes it difficult for us & that’s when we should be mentally strong to recognize the needs that we feel rather than following useless needs that some ad campaigns create out of out insecurities.
Let’s get into today’s post now, might interest you if you’re somewhat like me.

I have been using Avon Nutraeffects range since a month & I’m loving it. I wanted something hydrating to maintain my skin health plus this range was affordable than everything else available of this sort. This range has active seed complex, it has chia seeds which are known to hold moisture for long time plus the seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals & fatty acids. Now this is what I call healthy!!

I got the toner, day & night cream from this range via Nykaa. To justify this range, you can see my recent makeup-free pictures, my skin isn’t supercharged with any glow or radiance, it looks simple yet moisturised.

The cream jars are of 50 ml each. Day cream is thick creamy plus it has SPF 15 which lasts for 150 minutes so after that you will have to apply sunscreen if you’re out. Night cream is very light, it’s gel cream actually & yet is moisturizing enough & feels cooling & soothing on skin, I have used this even in mornings when I needed to wake up early, fresh & energetic. This is a simple formula with no peeling agents so totally safe to use even in daytime.

Let me know what you think ladies. I’ll be back soon with another story, take care until then & stay healthy stay happy!



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