Owls bring luck they say..

They told me owls bring you luck but never told me owls also bring you jewellery. Yes, the owl trend is totally here & thanks to Chumbak for that. Some people say owls are lucky, some are like “they’re horribly unlucky for you, keep them away, you shouldn’t let an owl sit outside your window.”
I think these are all typical, spicy myths though there is a historical base to these beliefs. In ancient Greece, owl was a symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom & strategy while in few cultures people had superstitions that the witches could turn themselves into owls & were afraid of them. Crazy right? & interesting too.
Our generation on the other hand have independent thoughts & beliefs, we grew up watching cartoons where a famous owl character had convocation suit on with a black graduation hat, that’s a symbol of intelligence & a sharp mind. We young people are quite obsessed with owls now. We use owl mugs, owl bags, t-shirts with owl prints & owl accessories. I love owls because everyday a white owl comes outside my window & I’m obsessed because it’s a rare bird.
When I saw owl accessories at Chumbak, I went crazy & got one owl mug, owl bracelet & owl necklace. You guys tell me why you feel about owls, are you scared of them or curious? Or you’re totally crazy & obsessed like me?
Or if you’re obsessed with Chumbak, let me know.
I’ll be back soon with more, love from TheBagnizer!!
Featured in this post are the Bestie Owls Pink Necklace & Owl Be Your Friend Bracelet from Chumbak.

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