My ultra blends match…a month old affair



Guys it’s been a month since I fell in love, a month since Garnier launched their Ultra Blends range & I found my perfect match Royal jelly & Lavender. I just wanted to use it for a month & then talk about it so now it’s the right time, I have washed my hair & conditioned regularly with this range for a whole month. I have kept long hair since a couple of months & got severe hair fall as my hair got dull. With long hair you get quantity but no quality if you don’t take good care. Lavender is known to help with hair fall according to ancient medicine & I love the smell of it, it’s kinda therapeutic, it’s calming. I have seen many brands using lavender oil in their moisturisers & balms but never seen any haircare range with lavender before this one. The commercial & launch event was impressive & so is the product.

Going to my experience with this one, guys I had a month of minimum hair fall, a month of heavenly smelling hair & seen the quality of my hair improving. I try oiling my hair once a week & wanted something that takes away the oiliness in minimum washes, this does that in just 2 washes which is perfectly fine with me. On oil free hair this can be little drying but little extra conditioner can fix that.
They also have different variants for different hair types.
Soy Milk & Almonds range gives your hair the protein it needs & repairs damaged hair.
5 Precious Herbs detoxifies & revitalizes which would be good if you use styling products regularly & need a clarifying shampoo.
Henna & Blackberry range boosts shine & illuminates which is great for sexy black Indian hair.
Mythic Olive hydrates & nourishes which would be great if you’re looking for something simple yet effective to maintain your hair health.
Royal Jelly & Lavender protects & reconstructs which is necessary to maintain long hair to prevent breakage & hair fall.
Let me know if your ultra blends experience too guys. I’m thinking of getting soy milk & almonds next. Tried it? Let me know.
I’ll be back to share more soon, take care.
Love from TheBagnizer!

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