Princesslike with Missa More


This post I’m writing for not just Cinderella & Alice or even bossy queen Cersei but for all you princesses with invisible crowns. No matter what happens in life, never let that crown fall down. Don’t you think we have to remind ourselves like the superheroes that we’re neither regular nor basic, we’re princess-like & for that we got to dress up like a princess once in a while.


After reading this I’m sure you would plan to get that princesslike dress, I’ll share my experience with this Missa More dress that looks like a royal gown. I got this long maxi dress by Missa More from their website, got it shipped in just 2 days & when I opened the package & touched this dress it felt silky soft yet the material was thick but I didn’t feel hot & sweaty at all when wore it.
The floral print gives great scope for accessorize & experiment but still I went with minimum, just a bracelet & wedges looked like enough to complement well.


So that’s all princesses, sending you some bossy Cersei vibes. Take care.

Featured brands:
Maxi dress by Missa More
Wedges by Honey
Bracelet by FBB

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