High on glam with Wooplr

I’m back with another fashion edit for you all.
First tell me which is your favourite color, mine is purple & I’m sure after pink it’s purple for every lady.
Purple reflects a strong & confident side of feminine energy, it’s a color for grown ups taking not just responsibilities but also control of their situations while trying to push their limits to achieve as much as possible while they’re young.
So ladies I recently got a pair of Purple strap it on sandals from Closet 37 by Wooplr. As my sense of life as well as fashion is transitioning, I thought why not start wearing purple often this is the color I have always loved but somewhere I thought I won’t do enough justice to it, now I think I can, it’s that phase of freedom & wisdom where I set my own rules to achieve & earn the life that I want.
It’s sexy & elegant strap it on yet minimal in design, no heels It’s totally flat & comfortable but the color & straps make it look totally high on glam. I would just say, go get it girls, you need this glam quotient in your weekends & about styling it, I would go with black or white or if you want to create an effortlessly sexy look then go for a really light beige or pinkish cream kind of color & glowy finish would give it a boost.
To accessorise, I chose my purple velvet beads bracelet which I already had in my closet, I had got it from Bandra elco market, the shade doesn’t completely match my sandals but that’s the key, being flexible for little color mismatches is totally okay.
Guys so let me know what you thought about this one & share pictures of your favourite pair of sandals.
Goodluck Bagnizers!
Featured fashion:
Sandals- Closet 37 Strap It On by Wooplr for Rs. 899 on discount
Bracelet- Bandra eco market (old collection but the trends always repeat)

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