Brand alert – Anatomicals

Hey People!
I know I know I was inactive on the blog & social media too for almost two months & I’m extremely sorry guys I couldn’t blog at all because of few things. Some of you even pinged me on instagram to ask if I was okay & that really gave me a boost to get up & start again & here I am.. so let’s jump into today’s post.
so guys, I recently discovered this new launch from UK called Anatomicals while going through the Nykaa website & the packaging caught my attention. the colours, little messages & captions, descriptions on their packaging, their key ingredients & price compared to similar brands was so appealing that I decided to get few products to try.
They have a range of face masks, hand creams, body washes & scrubs, body lotions, one face cream & few eye creams all with insanely attractive packaging. To roughly give you an idea about the prices,face masks costs between 100-199 for 1-2 good uses, body butters cost around Rs. 699-799 for a good quantity, hand creams, body washes, scrubs & body lotions cost around Rs. 299-500, eye creams cost around Rs. 150-199, facial moisturiser costs around Rs 799, lip balms that cost around Rs. 350 & new additions are the sleep masks that cost Rs. 860.


After trying the products, I would say the face masks are amazing, hand cream & body butter that I got are of good consistency & easy to absorb by the skin but I’m a lover of non-scented or lightly scented products so it’s little extra overwhelming for me though they smell nice & fruity.One more thing that I would like to mention is the foiled inner packaging, people don’t expect it & brands don’t focus on this little spill proof criteria but it gives you assurance of the quality & quantity of the product, so this packaging I totally appreciate.

That was the Anatomicals brand alert, everything from them is available at Nykaa so try & tell me 🙂


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