L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence

Hey Bagnizers!
It’s weekend again. So what are you doing this weekend? Going outdoors? playing badminton? going shopping? planning a pool party? beach sports? movie plans?brunch plans??
For my weekend, I sense some crazy outdoor plans & why not? whole week I spent working indoors, many of us sit in air conditioned environment for whole week, we all need some fresh sun right?
Just wanted to remind you guys the importance of sunscreen as you must be planning something for these two days & be out during the peak hours of sunshine, plus because it’s hot nowadays & many people skip using sunscreen which is not at all safe.
If you’re looking for a light non greasy sunscreen that works, I have a recommendation. I have been using L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence sunscreen since 4-5 months & it’s my holy grail guys, seriously!
It’s lightweight & the smell isn’t overpowering, it feels fresh & has cooling sensation, stays on whole day plus it’s SPF 50 with 4 times ‘+’ which you usually get only in high end sunscreens.
Just a little spf calculation,
You can stay without burning in the sun for 10 minutes usually & SPF 50 means 50 times more protection.
10 mins * SPF 50 = 500 Mins
So that’s little more than 8 hours of sun protection which is amazing. My experience with this one has been really good as I don’t face any daily tanning anymore & if I do massive outdoor outings with this on, I tan only 4-5% which can be easily reversed with soothing aloe vera gel.
Ladies remember that,
* Protecting your skin is the first & easiest step towards any kind of anti ageing regimen because around 80% of ageing happens from sun exposure so it’s never late to start this healthy habit.
* If you use any chemical based anti ageing moisturisers, it’s necessary to use a sunscreen on top with a decent spf numbers as the spf in such moisturisers is just 15-20 which isn’t enough for prolonged outings.  Retinol in chemical based anti ageing products does micro peeling to the skin making it more prone to sun damage, so sunscreen is really necessary.
Okay so that’s it guys. Feel free to mention your recommendations too in the comments & yes go out & have a great weekend.
Love, take care, goodluck!!



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