Daily dose of aloe hydration

What’s your daily dose? Something motivating, spiritual thoughts or talking to your favourite person? For me it’s definitely coffee! My day starts just fine with a cup of strong bitter caffeine, anyone else with me? If yes, then you might want to drink a cup of water before having that cup of bitterness & hydrate yourself with some aloe goodness.

This post I’m writing for Plum Goodness. It’s a brand recently launched in India with it’s research taken to a very basic & the most effective level I have ever seen & the outcome is all about effective ingredients, effective formulas & textures & yes cost effectiveness.

Something that I loved the most is their hello aloe range, made with organic aloe vera juice & coconut derivatives, it’s the most basic & the best you can give yourself when it comes to skincare.

For all the high maintenance ladies, high end brands might be great but I’ll tell you my reasons for liking this moisturiser.

I truly like this because of the following reasons:
* I am a coffee lover, a cup of strong mocha is a staple beverage in my breakfast & because of this, though coffee is full of antioxidants, my skin looks dehydrated. I apply this moisturizer whenever my skin needs extra help & believe me it kills the appearance of dehydration that happens from coffee.
* It’s natural, all Plum products are totally safe. They’re parabens, SLS, DEA phthalates & PABA free, so not a single harmful ingredient is left.
* Aloe vera in a moisturizer is a joyful treat for skin.
* Skin feels smooth & glows from within. The moisture stays all day.
* Fragrance is very mild, pleasant & won’t irritate sensitive noses.
* Price is totally reasonable, a squeezie tube of 60ml is for 450 INR which is a great deal compared to other brands in this category.


That’s it ladies, try it out & let me know what you think.

Love from TheBagnizer!



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