Winter well plaid

Hello Bagnizers!
How’s winter treating you?
Hope you’re taking care because in winter we protect ourselves. I totally love this season. Nowadays I’m snuggled up in my cozy sweaters & having my favorite hot chocolate every evening. Only one thing I badly miss during this time every year & that’s my dresses & skirts. I mean the vibrant shades & the glow they bring to you is missed. I’m very sensitive to cold weather & usually wear jeans & boots. But this year I found a perfect cozy skirt on Street Style Store that I coudn’t resist ordering.
You know what’s as warm as the blanket my granny gifted me? This skirt!
Yes, it has that cosy vibe, who doesn’t want that in  winters plus this won’t ruin your fashion sense too 🙂
What goes around comes around & that’s what has happened here, I mean this plaid trend. It was so famous during the nineties, girls from schools that had plaid skirts as their uniform suddenly became the happiest, crazy trends but yet worth following I guess especially when the trend follows you, you should follow it back!
So that’s it ladies, I’ll be back with more soon.
Love from TheBagnizer!!

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