Detox with Soulflower


Hello Bagnizers!
I know your must be busy in your daily routines finding time for yourself at end of the day to relax  “in minimum time” & thinking how to detox your body & stress free your mind, looking for quick detox techniques that we doubt if work…..
BTW ladies, I have realized that all this detox galore only scares me so I have rather started to use natural products as much as possible especially at night time when the body repairs itself so you wake up fresh & energetic next day.


Im totally in love with this organic brand called Soulflower. They have natural remedies on stress, skin discolorations, active breakouts, hair loss & so many things with 100% natural ingredients. I have used their avocado essential oil for hair & skin in past & it’s amazing especially to condition hair. Plus the brand sells everything at really affordable prices so there’s no hole in your designer wallet hahah!!
I’m currently using their cold pressed Grapeseed oil for skin mainly as I have dry skin & prefer using mild products so this works great. Also using their Stress relief therapy oil which if I don’t get time then just put little bit on my wrist & it helps me calm my mind.
Essential oils
They also have a remedy for insomnia so if you’re struggling to turn off your mind & sleep, that would work. Because I’m a big fan of bath salts, I also use their tropical sunset bath salt that has fruit extracts.
I have realized that trying to do any major detox in busy routine isn’t easy plus making easy & better choices in daily life is better than trying to reverse any ill effects later. I hope this would encourage you to get some ‘me time’ in your life even if it’s literally two minutes everyday
Take care, lots of love…
Goodluck ladies!!



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